What Others Say

“Give me a fish and I can eat for a day,
teach me to fish and I can eat for a lifetime.”

~ Chinese Proverb

“Many teach about spiritual formation and leadership, Chuck has lived it. His impact on countless leaders comes from his life of integrity, his commitment to prayer, and his genuine godliness.”~ Dr. Jim Burns (President, Homewood)

“No one knows more about church leadership and building disciples then Chuck Miller. His insights always energize us!”~ Dr. & Pastor John Yates (The Falls Church Anglican, VA.)

“There is a crisis of leadership in all areas of life today. Chuck provides practical life shaping tools for both our inner lives and the roles of influence God calls us to. This is a practical guide for emerging and experienced leaders.”~ Dr. Steve Hayner – President of Columbia Theological Seminary And President of Intervarsity (1988-2001) – Deceased

“No one else has ever clearly defined and explained how to live and lead out of the Soul room, and to live and lead out of relationship with God as Jesus himself did. If you take seriously the ministry of God in the world you need to study what he is giving.”~ Pastor Jon Ciccarelli

“40 years ago you changed the direction of my life. Thanks for impacting my life in such a meaningful way.”~ Kent Wiegel (Retired Business Man)